A Prayer for Pastors, week of December 7, 2016

Father, nothing can stop you, our God and Father, the One who sent our Redeemer, Jesus the Christ!  Satan couldn’t!  The religious leaders of Israel couldn’t!  Pilate and the Roman soldiers couldn’t!  The stone couldn’t!  The grave couldn’t!  Death itself couldn’t!  Hallelujah!

In the light of who our Lord Jesus is and what he has done, I pray these things for pastors today.  Stir their hearts, minds and imaginations afresh with a look back at all Jesus endured for them, a look within at all he is doing in them and how he is with them, and a look forward to what he has declared is coming for them – and for all who believe.

Empower them with your Spirit afresh to rejoice and to declare all this as they serve you, the Triune God today.  May joy and thanksgiving and anticipation of what is to come fill the hearts, minds, mouths of the people, and the places of worship be permeated with your Holy Spirit!

May your pastors hunger afresh for an intimate relationship with Christ Jesus and set out today on a fresh pursuit of intimacy with you Lord Jesus.  As they seek you reveal yourself to them in greater and greater measure!  May intimacy with you be the most significant characteristic of their lives for as long as they live.  Amen and amen.

A prayer for pastors, week of 11/29/16

Lord Jesus, thank you, thank you that you have promised to return and bring us to you like the story of the wise and foolish virgins.  When everything on earth is as dark as it can be you’re suddenly going to appear.  Hallelujah!

In the light of this promise and warning I pray for pastors today.  May they not let this tremendous truth be lost sight of or ignored today.  There is so much focus on just living today and doing it right and so little focus on our ultimate destiny and your return to bring about your final victory over sin, darkness and death.  Stir in your pastors today a fresh awareness of this truth and cause them to tie their preaching and their teaching into it.  Cause them to ponder it afresh for themselves and to set it before your people as motivation for godliness, obedience, preparedness and patience in waiting for it.

Cause them to warn themselves and their people not to fall into the trap of thinking it won’t happen for a long time yet.  Please dispel this foolish thinking from our minds, and make us to be like the five wise virgins.

Lord Jesus, I also pray to you for your pastors that none who say they are yours and that you called them to be pastors will hide the gifts and abilities you’ve given them and not make any investment for your kingdom.  Keep them from thinking they have nothing worth investing and so settle into passive duty and just go through the motions.

May they determine to do the best they can with what they have, and may they see returns, however small, on their investment for your kingdom.  Lord, help them to look with compassion and concern on the needy wherever they encounter them and do what they can themselves and through and with their congregation because they know this pleases you, and in some mysterious way you are being served when they serve the needy.  Cause them to teach that this is how we remain ready for your return, and this is how we invest for your kingdom.  May you be glorified and pleased today through their lives and ministry, and may they go home satisfied and joyful.  In Jesus name, So be it!

A prayer for pastors, week of 11/22/16

Father, you are so great and glorious and good to us.  There is now no condemnation for those who believe in Christ, and I believe!  Therefore, I stand before you not condemned but fully and joyfully accepted and adopted into your eternal family.  Hallelujah!

I want to pray for pastors this morning so that they will serve you joyfully in the power of the Spirit and the love of Christ.  May they do so having fully prepared for what they are to do today.  Where they feel they are not yet fully prepared show them what to do to get ready!  Move them by the Spirit to do it now, this moment, even if it means a light breakfast or none at all.  Cause them to see how important is their work for you and your people today, and may they commit themselves to it with all their heart fully believing you to help them and give them success in your eyes!

Renew in your servant-leaders the conviction that you, Lord Jesus, truly might return at any moment.  May we live in the light of this fact and remind your children, and the world, of it.  May this truth cause us to stay ready, and to daily serve and live for you.  May you be honored and glorified in the church and in the lives of your pastors today!  May the church grow today in knowledge of you and Christ our Lord, and in numbers!  May we grow in grace and love and purity and unity.  Be glorified today!  Amen.

A prayer for pastors, for the week of October 12, 2016

Our Father in heaven, oh how we love you for you are worthy of all our love, and the love of all of us for all time and eternity.  I lift all believing pastors in New England to you this morning as they are getting ready to serve you and show your love and proclaim your word today.  Help them to boldly, wisely, and with love do all you have called and assigned them to.  Use them to bring light and strength and joy and trust and confidence afresh to each of your children.  May they be like you, Lord Jesus, to those to whom they minister, and may they be received with love and joy, and listened to with all seriousness.

Protect them from any and all who would come with complaint or criticism or accusation, so their minds remain clear and their spirits joyful.  May they not overlook the least one in their congregation but give the loving touch and encouraging word to each.  May they not kowtow to the rich and influential but see all those in the church with equal respect and concern.  Use each one to serve your grand and holy purposes, and with and through them strengthen and grow your kingdom here on earth.  Glorify our Lord Jesus Christ today, and lead your church, Lord Jesus by your Holy Spirit.  Help us to seek and demonstrate to the world the unity you asked the Father for while you were still here on earth.

Lead us into greater and greater and greater unity of spirit and purpose, and deliver us from all our petty divisions and competitions.  May we glorify you more and more with each passing day.  At the end of the day may we be reminded to look back with Thanksgiving and praise and joy at what you have done in, with and through us as pastors and children.   In the powerful name of Jesus, amen.

A prayer for pastors, for the week of September 29, 2016

Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic, strengthening and comforting is your name of all names and beings in all creation.  You have placed your glory above the heavens and made it known to all who have eyes to see and hearts to believe that it’s you, and minds and spirits to worship you.  In the light of your glory and presence I lift to you all your servant-leaders today as they prepare themselves to serve you through ministering the truth and your love revealed in Christ to their congregations.  May they see your handiwork and your glory and begin now by praising and worshiping you.

Fill them with the joy of your presence so that they respond with hearts full of love for and joy in you.  Bring to their minds all you have taught them through study, prayer and experience.  Give them ability afresh to proclaim these things in the anointing of your Spirit and reveal these things to all who listen.

May the faith of those who already believe be strengthened, and may those whose hearts and minds are darkened be brought into the light so they believe and receive the seal of their salvation, your Holy Spirit.  May your kingdom advance today in spite of all the efforts of those in government, education, entertainment and commerce to suppress the truth and pervert it to their own ends.  May your glory and kingdom advance today, and until our Lord Jesus returns.  Bless and empower the work of your pastors today!  In Jesus name, so be it!

A prayer for pastors, for the week of Sept 21, 2016

Our Father in heaven, the church is yours, and so are all the pastors whom you have given to the church and the world to shepherd your people and proclaim Jesus to the world as your eternal Son and our redeemer and Lord.  The church is the heart of all the created world and Jesus is the heart of the church.  It’s a poor analogy, Father, but you know what I mean and feel.

I lift your pastors to you today: keep them from feeling or thinking that they have to practice any kind of manipulation of circumstances or people, as Jacob practiced against Esau and then against Laban, in order to benefit themselves.  May they be pure in heart and motives, honest in word, and truly desire to pastor your people for their good and your glory.  May they yearn in their hearts for the salvation of those far from you but close to where they live.  May they not despise the sinful who are so different from them but instead cry out to you for them and seek, along with their people, to reach them in love and to tell them about Jesus and his sacrificial love for them.

Keep them, and me, from judgment and condemnation of those outside of Christ.  May the light of your love and presence shine out from your pastors, and me, today as we seek to live for and serve you.  So may you be lifted up before all in New England today.

We love you, I love you, holy and triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Amen.  So Be It!

A prayer for pastors, for the week of August 31, 2016

Father in heaven, I come to praise you and thank you for your servant-leaders, believing pastors all over New England.  You are raising up a mighty army of fighters proclaiming the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ and leading the way in godly living and loving outreach to the poor, the needy and the lost.  I bless you for them, I bless you for them!  You are moving in New England and I see it and say, “Yes God, Yes God!”

Father, your pastors go around with bull’s-eyes on their backs and the devil and his demons target them day and night, attacking them through people who oppose them and lie about them.  Others criticize them and speak ill of them to their faces.  Protect them in all these attacks.  Enable them to confront their enemies as you would and did while on earth, Lord Jesus.  Deliver them out of those battles and into a place of peace and joy where they can serve you without these distractions and spirit-crushing experiences.

Father, dry their tears and refresh their souls and bodies so they go out today in the joy and strength of your encouraging presence and enabling.  Pit your fury against their enemies, and fill their friends with compassion for them and cause them to walk with them today.  May their friends uphold their arms like Aaron and Hur did for Moses.  May they see your Holy Spirit working today in the lives of their congregations and moving their dreams and desires for the gospel forward.

May this not be just another day for them but a day of soul inspiring advance of your kingdom.  May they see fortresses of darkness falling and your kingdom arising in the lives of their people and in their communities!  May they end their day in thanksgiving and worship of you our Almighty God and Father and Lord and Savior.  Hallelujah!  So be it Father in heaven!