Prayer for Pastors, week of October 2, 2017

Father in heaven, to worship you is the joy of my heart.  May I worship you more and more fully with each passing day.  May I truly exalt you every day of my life and please you in all I do, say, think and desire.

May all the believing pastors of New England find joy, deep overflowing joy, in worshiping you as they enter into this day and all that is before them.  May their joy in you be clearly evident to their congregations, and may the sounds of joy and praise to you ascend from these churches like the morning mist rises from the rooftop on a frosty day.

Once again may they speak with the clarity, conviction, power and boldness of the Holy Spirit, sounding a clear note of hope in Christ and demonstrating love by their words and actions.  Remove from them all weariness and discouragement and worry, and may they go through the morning and the day in your peace and presence just living in the moment and letting tomorrow wait for tomorrow.

Reward their service for you today with fruit that lasts, and keep them in the ministry until you call them home.  This I pray in Jesus name, Amen!


Prayer for Pastors, week of September 25, 2017

Father in heaven whom I love and adore and seek to follow through Christ.  Hear my prayer for your precious witnesses whom you’ve called to be your pastoral servant leaders.  May their words be clear and sharp and filled with your light and love as they speak for you today.  May they speak of you as Paul did in Ephesians 1:1-18.  May they lift Jesus Christ up today in all his fullness, beauty, power and love.  May they speak with conviction and passion that he is coming again, and may there be a strong note of longing in their voice.

May they grasp and so proclaim the immensity of this glorious life in Christ which you have for all his followers.  May they hold Christ up high, high, higher than anything or anyone else.  So be it!

Prayer for Pastors, week of September 18, 2017

Our Father in heaven, Father from whom flows all mercy, grace, love, kindness, patience and wisdom, whom I love with all my heart.  I now bring before you those whom you have called and chosen and led into the ministry of the Good News of your Son our Lord and Savior, Jesus.  I lift the believing pastors all over New England to you as they face another Sunday of ministry to and in the body of Christ.

Guide them to embrace everything within the Scriptures regarding our Lord Jesus, and to live it, speak and teach it with conviction, passion and joy.  Keep them from compromising or playing down or obscuring the gospel.  Make them bold, compassionate and patient with people, but may they not give way to error or become harsh and pharisaical or judgmental.  May they truly shine like light in the darkness of these trying days.

May they talk much about believing in Jesus and all the ways the Scripture speaks of him, and in these days of moral perversion and compromise may they be bold, faithful and clear, warning of judgment to come and of eternal life through Christ and faith in him.  This I pray in Jesus name, Amen

Prayer for Pastors, week of September 11, 2017

Father, it’s a beautiful morning with the sun about to break over the horizon and spray its light on the treetops, then bathe the whole landscape with this refreshing, spirit-lifting light.  I love it, and I love you.  I pray for the pastors in this whole region as they start their day, that they would each experience the morning in the same spirit lifting way.  They have a great opportunity before them of teaching your people and proclaiming your word and ways to their congregations.  May they do so with a joyful spirit being refreshed by your Spirit in their inner being like the dawning sun refreshes our spirit.

Father, keep them from being disillusioned or fed up with their people.  Give them fresh eyes to see their congregation in the same way you see them.  Then they will pastor them in love with truth that refreshes, illumines and corrects.  They will dare to risk everything for the gospel, and they’ll settle for nothing less than what you have led them to seek for and build in their congregations.

May your Spirit flow like a roaring river in and through them onto your people, carrying everyone along in the joy of all you prepared for them in Christ.  May he sweep away all the debris in their lives and leave them clean and more ready to do your will than ever before.  Above all, don’t let them just pastor on another same old Sunday in the same old way, and don’t let the people just come to church in the same old way failing to look with eager anticipation for what you have for them and to encounter you among them.

Glorify yourself today in and through your church.  So be it.

Prayer for Pastors, week of September 4, 2017

Father in heaven, you are gracious and merciful beyond measure.  You warm and fill my heart with your presence, and I now come to you on behalf of the pastors of New England, but also every believing pastor across our great land.  Remind them this morning that your Holy Spirit lives in them and is their constant companion and counselor, and the source of strength, wisdom and power.  May they proclaim the presence of the Spirit in the life of every follower of Jesus and urge them to trust in the work of the Spirit in them and to listen to the Spirit as he counsels and instructs them.

May they become more and more conscious of your Spirit with and in them so that they go through the day with joy and confidence.  Move in them by your Holy Spirit to proclaim Jesus with clarity, passion, joy and power so that people will respond with faith and joy in you and commit themselves afresh today to you through Christ.  So may your church grow in grace and knowledge of you Lord Jesus, and in numbers.  So be it!

Prayer for Pastors, week of August 28, 2107

Our Father in heaven and with us here on earth, my heart is filled with your love for me, and I love you in return.  Now I lift to you the believing pastors all over New England as they begin this special day of serving you through prayer and the ministry of your word.  Fill their hearts with your love so that they know you love them, are pleased with them and will help them today.  Let them know afresh this morning that you are their refuge and strength and source of wisdom.

So manifest yourself to them that there will be no fear in them, no shaking of their confidence in you, and no doubt about being where you want them to be.  By your Spirit bring peace and quiet to their hearts and minds, and fill them so they overflow with joy and the assurance of your presence and love.

Enable them to minister in all ways today with boldness, clarity, love and firmness, so that your people hear your voice through them and they yield to you and grow in grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus.  Bring many all over New England to faith in Christ and joy in your love and your salvation today.  Receive glory and honor and praise from the hearts and lips of people young and old in the church.  Amen and amen.  I love you Lord God Almighty who is over all and everything!

Prayer for Pastors, week of August 21, 2017

Our loving Father and God of all glory, power, wisdom, grace and love.  I lift the pastors of my community before you this morning asking that you would bathe them in your love and fill them with the awareness of your joyful presence.  May each pastor become aware afresh this morning that you sought them and called them to come to you long before they had any real awareness of you.  May they rejoice in this great truth and may they speak of it to their people for the sake of the people that they, too, they rejoice in you and your all-encompassing love for them.

Father may they invoke a blessing on your people this morning and speak a clear warning to those who are choosing to turn from your love and your righteousness and holy ways.  May they proclaim the fullness of your word without being men pleasers.  May they also point your people to the destiny you have for all who seek and follow you.  May they not simply speak of overcoming our daily struggles but speak of the glory to come!

I bring this prayer for these pastors before you in the name of Jesus.  So be it.