A prayer for pastors, for the week of August 25, 2015

Father, thank you for the beauty of the morning, the singing of the birds, your glorious creation that I see all around me.  May the light of the presence of Jesus our Savior shine as brightly in our souls and spirits.  Refresh your pastors both with the day itself and with the Day Star who shines in our hearts.  Banish from them all dullness of mind and discouragement of spirit.  Draw near to each of them today and may they walk close with you, closer than with any friend or inner love of thing or experience.

On behalf of all of them I confess our sins of wandering from you in thoughts, desires, focus of mind, practices, and lusts of eye and heart.  We are weak and easily tempted, and too often linger too long with temptation.  We have been impatient with the wrong things and not patient enough with the right things.  We struggle with being content with what we have and repeatedly want more, we look at others with a much easier life and more money and allow stress over our needs to control us.

Forgive us and fill us again with your Spirit who can more than fill us to the point of overcoming all our temptations, fears, anxieties, lusts, inner and outer struggles and enable us today to fully, joyfully, and eagerly serve you in our calling and role as pastors, preachers, counselors, prayer warriors, fathers, spouses, friend to the lonely, the lost and the least.

Father, hear this sinner’s prayer for all my brothers and sisters today.  Bless them and give them success in all their pastoral, family and personal endeavors today.  I love you, we love you!  So be it!

A prayer for pastors, for the week of August 7, 2016

Father in heaven, I come to you now on behalf of my pastor and all believing pastors in the body of Christ.  Speak to them clearly today like you spoke to the prophets of old, and may they both hear you and receive your word with joy.  By your Holy Spirit enable them to apply it to their own lives, and proclaim it to their congregations with boldness and in its fullness as a warning in love pointing out the good and ancient way which begin at the cross and empty tomb of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May they lovingly and clearly warn their people against forms of religion and worship that are empty of true commitment, trust in and obedience to you.  May they not proclaim only your love and desire to forgive, both of which clearly speak of your character, but may they also declare your holiness and our need to live as holy people.

May they heed the counsel Paul gave timothy to flee evil, pursue righteousness, fight the good fight of faith, take hold of the eternal life, keep the commandment given them, dare to command the rich in how to live and handle their wealth, guard what been entrusted to them of the full ministry of the gospel, and turn away from all godless chatter.  May their mouths be full of your good words of life and godliness, wisdom and counsel, so they demonstrate that they are pastors of your choosing and molding, and bless them and fill them with the joy of your presence!  In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, so be it!

A prayer for pastors, for the week of August 1, 2016

Our loving Father in heaven and present in our lives, I offer this prayer to you on behalf of all the pastors who are serving you today.  Do not remain silent in their lives this morning for wicked and deceitful people, and demons, are opening their mouths against them seeking to make them miserable.  Some of those they consider friends are actually among their attackers.  Strengthen them this morning that they may withstand the attacks both from without and from within.

Father, replace their adversities with true friends and bring their adversities down to the place of despair that they may turn to you and be saved, forgiven and restored to you.  Cause the demons to tremble as they see your powerful hand against them.  Affirm the righteousness of these pastors in the eyes of all who know them, and fill their mouths with messages of truth, righteousness, love, compassion and warnings of judgment to come.

Speak through them calling souls to faith and salvation, and let there be a great harvest of souls redeemed today wherever these pastors are serving.  May you Father, Lord Jesus and blessed Holy Spirit be clearly revealed, worshiped, received, and loved today by those who sit under the ministry of these pastors.  So may their labor for you be fruitful and they go home rejoicing!  May they themselves greatly extol you and in the presence of their people praise you and lift you up for all to see!  This is my prayer to you for all these pastors.  So be it!  Amen.

A prayer for your pastors, for the week of July 25, 2016

Father in heaven, the door to your house is always open and you stand in the doorway to welcome us each time we come to you in prayer.  We love your warm, loving embrace and your invitation to come in and sit a while.  You want us to pour out our hearts while you listen and respond.  Then you say, “consider it done according to your faith.”

I’m here on behalf of your servant-leaders, my pastor and other pastors I know.  I also offer this on behalf of all believing pastors, being convinced you respond to my prayer in such a way that it is effective in touching the lives of all these pastors who are in my heart and mind.  They will be ministering and serving you in some way or other today.  May it not be in their own strength but in yours.  Empower them by your Holy Spirit in order that they may succeed in all you’ve called them to today.  Yes Lord!

Help them so that their walk is blameless, and their doings are all righteous, and their words all come from their hearts in truth and pass your truth test.  Help them to slander no one either by their tongue or in their hearts.  May they not be jealous of any brother or sister pastor or in any way bring harm to the name and work of another today as they serve you.  Yes Lord!

May they not in any way speak approvingly of vile people who call good evil and evil good, right wrong and wrong right.  There is so much of this today.  As they serve you today may they bring honor to and speak approvingly of those who serve you!  May they keep their word in whatever they commit themselves to today, not changing their minds even when it costs them to do so.  May they personally help the poor and never work against the innocent in their congregations.  May their people, your people, call them blessed, and pronounce blessing on them today.  At the end of the day may they put their heads on their pillows and fall asleep in peace knowing your presence.

In this my prayer and in each of these pastors may you, Father, be blessed, served and pleased.  We do love you and give ourselves to you afresh today.  In the mighty name of Jesus, so be it!

A prayer for your pastors for the week of July 19, 2016

Father, you are our Father in heaven, far above all the things we face and struggle with and are discouraged and even depressed by.  These do not move or affect or discourage or frustrate you.  Because you are God you can blow all these things away in an instant, even all sin and all its root causes, including Satan and his horde of fallen Angels.  You are also too pure, holy, righteous, just and loving to allow these things to happen to us either because you don’t really care about us, or because you take pleasure in our suffering.

Our troubles and struggles come, looking black and evil to us, but not so to you because you have a good and lasting purpose you want to produce in us – the development of our faith and character so that we are increasingly growing into your likeness and image.  Just as you patiently wait until everything is perfectly aligned before you make your move, so, too, we need to learn to patiently wait on you hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, and if need be year-by-year until you make your move and our trial or trials are passed.  Then we will have come through with flying colors and have grown in the way you desired.

So Romans 8:28 is true, “If Bad Than Good.”  Thank you for so loving us that you want us to be like you, and to experience the ultimate joys you experience.  I pray you will bring all of this to pass in the life of my pastor, and you will continue to work these seemingly bad but truly good things so that my pastor grows in faith, in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Praise your name above all names!  So be it!

A prayer for your pastor for the week of July 12, 2016

Father of mercy and grace, I come to you on behalf of your believing servant-leaders, the pastors all around this region.  Have mercy on them for they are weak even though many think they are strong.  They are being pushed around, harassed by their enemies in the congregation and in the spirit realm.  Deep inside many are sick at heart, weary, longing for true rest but not slowing down enough to wait for you to touch, feed and bring renewal as you did Elijah when he fled from Jezebel.

They wonder how long, or even if, before you rise up and manifest yourself in their ministry and in our day in their communities.  Strengthen their hearts, awaken their slumbering hope, renew their passion and zeal.  Rescue them from this condition and restore them that they may be like flaming arrows, unstoppable proclaimers of your word through the empowering of your Holy Spirit.  Blow their enemies away like dust in a storm, scatter them like a defeated army running away in every direction.  Unite your pastors by your Spirit so all are proclaiming today the word you have for the church where I live.  May each one know the empowering and illuminating presence of the Holy Spirit and yield fully, not holding back because of fear of man or to protect their image.

May they be willing to look and sound like fools for you as they give themselves to the leading of the Spirit.  Keep their tongue so they don’t mix their own words, or those of the enemy, with your word.  May they know when to stop, and do so, so that your word is left ringing in the ears and burning in the minds and souls of their hearers.  May your word accomplish all you sent it out to do today, and may the impact be lasting.

May our pastors go home in the evening in peace and joy having served you.  Protect them from harm and defeat by those who react in anger and hatred, and bless them by the response of those who humbly and joyfully receive what their pastor has fed them.  In it all may you be greatly praised and more fully followed.  Be glorified Father of mercy and grace!  So be it!

A prayer for your pastor for the week of July 5, 2016

Our Father in heaven, you oversee all things, maintaining, guiding, growing, protecting, enhancing them and so blessing the eyes and ears of man wherever he dwells.  The birds are singing your praise for you created them, the sun’s shining and illuminating the whole earth, the breezes are gently blowing and feel so good.  Glory be to you, Father.  You have brought us to another day when your people gather to worship you, pray to you, listen to your word, and mix with and encourage each other.

You have called some to be overseers of this process and shepherds for your people, pastors.  By your Spirit make them strong through the grace you have given them in Christ.  Assist them in teaching the truths of your word today so they may be equipping your people to live for you and to raise up others who will be able to pass these truths on to yet others.  Strengthen them so as to endure hardship with patience, knowing that in doing so they both please and honor you.  Keep before them the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, and may they today proclaim the good news afresh and with enthusiasm, passion, motivation and joy.

May their whole ministry center on and revolve around our Lord’s resurrection.  Keep them from ever being ashamed of this truth, playing it down, hiding it for fear of ridicule or embarrassment, or fear of some sort of reprisal.  May they shine like lights in the darkness today, and so bring hope, encouragement, joy and refreshing to your children.  May they be willing to endure anything if it brings the salvation embodied in Christ’s death and resurrection to hearers, and glory to Jesus our glorious Lord!  May their preaching and teaching of your word be pure, with no spirit of competition or criticism or envy of any brother or sister in Christ.  May they go home after their ministry in joy and satisfaction at having been an instrument dispensing life to your glory.  Amen