Prayer for Pastors, week of March 14, 2017

Dear blessed Father in heaven, as I bring my pastor, and other pastors I know, before you by name this morning I ask you to give them each a personal blessing from you that will be so clear that they will know it’s you and nothing else.  Holy Spirit, rise up within them and guide their minds and stir their spirits so they are filled with eagerness to speak and teach Christ as fully as they can.  Keep them from the attacks and harassments of the evil one so that they are unhindered in the service you’ve called them too, and may they know afresh that they have indeed been called to their ministry by you.

May they grasp and exalt in the presence of your kingdom, and that they are part of something much, much greater than just their congregation.  May they be channels of truth, joy, encouragement, conviction, and assurance to those they serve today.  And may you receive glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving from them and from all your people!  Amen and amen.

A prayer for pastors, week of March 2, 2017

Father, this is the day you have made and may my pastor and all your pastors rejoice in it.  Before they go out to serve you and shepherd those under their care may they give you glory and honor and praise in a private place and from all their heart.  Refresh them early in the morning, dispelling all their foggy mindedness and exciting their souls with their relationship with you.  May they go out in the great joy of the Lord, eager to proclaim your word today.  May they stay focused and not be blown off course by criticism, sudden problems laid on them, or temptation that stirs wrong desires in them.

May they see and know you with them by the eyes of faith this morning, and all day long.  May their deepest desire be to see and hear you being given praise and honor and glory, and may they fully join in with their people.  May the treat every person with equal respect and play no inappropriate favorites.  May they each see one or more people, young or old, choose to follow you Lord Jesus, whether for the first time or the 1001st time.

The goal of all ministry is to get people to choose to follow you, not them as pastors.  Strengthen them to resist all temptation to criticize other pastors, be jealous of another, compete with another, or pity themselves because their ministry isn’t as large, growing, or seemingly dynamic as others.  Create in them the spirit of unity and teamwork you prayed for in John 17.  May they put their heads on their pillows this evening weary but joyful and thankful for another day of effective ministry in your name and for you!  I love you Lord.  So be it.

A prayer for pastors, week of February 2017

Father in Heaven, I lift to you my pastor and other pastors this morning and ask that you would fill them afresh with the Holy Spirit for the work you have called them to.  May they be open and receptive to all you desire them to do today.  Fill them with your love that they may pour out your love on all those they serve in public meetings and personal encounters.  Give them wisdom for every challenge they face, and may they walk in humility, joy and confidence in you.  May they not be discouraged or dismayed by the difficulties and indifference they find in some.  May they not be distracted by things put in their way, nor confused, but keep their eye fixed on what is before them.

May they represent you well in every circumstance and before all whom they encounter today.  May they not fall prey to temptation and sin today but walk in victory and so glorify you.  May they love their spouses and children, being patient with them in every circumstance.  May they speak of other pastors and churches affirmatively and with affection and support.  May they put their heads on their pillows with thankfulness and peace trusting you for their week ahead, and sleep soundly.  May they tell you before they fall asleep this evening that they love you.  So be it!

A prayer for pastors, week of February 6, 2017

Father, Psalm 19 has lifted my heart from darkness into the glorious light of your presence, character, work and promises.  I praise you God of creation, God of power, God of glory, God of love, God of hope, God our help!  I lift my pastor and other pastors to you in the light of their task and privilege of serving you in your church today.  Lord Jesus, may their hearts and spirits be lifted in praise to you as they look out on your creation this morning.  May they see it all as evidence of your existence and presence.  May they hear it shouting your glory and praise.  May they join the chorus of praise and worship and thanksgiving.  May they go to the work you’ve called them to with joyful anticipation, trusting in your strength and your presence, and may they speak with boldness, clarity, accuracy and integrity.

May they exalt you and explain the way of salvation and godly living with passion.  May they give wise counsel, strong words of encouragement and may they be examples to all in godliness, speech, conduct, attitude, word and action.

May their lives and ministries today bear much fruit in people young and old repenting and choosing to follow you.  As a result, may your people take heart with fresh zeal and commitment and give themselves to live for you day by day.  So be pleased with them and receive praise, honor and glory today.  So be it, in Jesus name.

A prayer for pastors, week of Jan 18, 2017

Lord Jesus, I pray for my pastor and other pastors this morning as they prepare themselves for the ministry facing them today.  As you weren’t afraid to touch the leper, but instead accepted him openly, so may our pastors openly, without reservation, reach out to any and all who come to them today, not avoiding anyone because they are sinful or broken in body or poor and uneducated.

Lead them also to a time of earnest prayer where they both lay before you their hearts and messages, and quiet themselves to listen to you as you did before the Father.  Many of us today are very poor listeners, too busy with all our plans and programs and goals to really listen.  Forgive us, Lord, for presuming we know what you want without taking time to listen and receive from you your leading and correcting.  Teach us to learn to listen and how to listen to you, then help us to do as you say.

Lord, may our pastors be quick to forgive others of their sins and to proclaim this to them.  May their declaration of forgiveness move the sinner to seek your forgiveness as well and go away clean and alive in you.  Lord, may our pastors not be reluctant to be with the known “sinners” of our culture, the sexual immoral and greedy, but be with them as you would be to demonstrate God’s openness to them and to tell them of a far better way to live, one approved and blessed by God.

Father, enrich their work for you today with your sensed presence, and may they be joyful and rejoice in you privately and publicly.  This is my prayer today for my pastor and other pastors.  I love you!  Hallelujah!  So be it!

A prayer for pastors, week of January 12, 2017

Our Father in heaven, you are our refuge and strength, and ever-present help in trouble.  You are our helper in the midst of a flood of troubles and difficulties.  You make us strong when we are weak, courageous to speak the truth of Jesus when we are afraid, you make us wise when we are ignorant, you make us confident when we are doubtful, and joyful when we are discouraged, you give us renewed vision when we want to quit, you reveal yourself to us when we fear we are alone and you aren’t near, and you give us success in serving you when we think nothing is happening because we’re inept and inferior to others.

I pray for my pastor and other pastors today that they will experience these truths about you with them as they go forth to proclaim the good news of Jesus.  Guide them to focus on the heart of the truth, not some peripheral thing which has no ultimate significance.  Reveal to them the truth of the unifying power and purpose of the cross making all who trust in you one, truly one.  May they embrace this today and declare and rejoice in it, and no longer hold a critical and divisive spirit, and may they declare to their people the oneness of the whole body of Christ.

Father, through our pastors bring out the message of unity today.  Make it sound forth from pulpits and platforms all over the land.  Bring this to pass, Father, bring this to pass!  I ask in the name of Jesus your eternal son our Lord.  So be it.

A prayer for pastors, week of Jan 5, 2017

Father, thank you for your “Gideon’s 300” pastors Here in New England whom you have chosen and equipped for the awesome ministry of the gospel in all its fullness.  Compared to the voices of our culture, who from every corner are proclaiming lies and falsehoods and words and philosophies that lead to death and destruction of soul and spirit and body, your pastors are few in number.

But what they lack in numbers you make up for them in power, strength, irrefutable wisdom, love and endurance, so they are and will be successful.  Praise You, Praise You Father.  You have called them not to defeat, but success.  May they be reminded of this today.  Not to despair, but confidence in you in all things; not to ignorance, but a wisdom that puts all the so-called wisdom of the world to shame.  You called them to live, preach and teach the whole gospel, so fill them with the knowledge of your will and ways through all spiritual wisdom and understanding.

By your Spirit enable and lead them to live a life worthy of you and to please you in every way.  So may they bear fruit in every good work, none failing or spoiling.  May they grow in knowledge of you, and be strengthened with all power so they will have great endurance and patience, and may they joyfully give you thanks for who you are and all you do in, with and through them today.  Hallelujah!  So be it!