Prayer for Pastors, week of August 21, 2017

Our loving Father and God of all glory, power, wisdom, grace and love.  I lift the pastors of my community before you this morning asking that you would bathe them in your love and fill them with the awareness of your joyful presence.  May each pastor become aware afresh this morning that you sought them and called them to come to you long before they had any real awareness of you.  May they rejoice in this great truth and may they speak of it to their people for the sake of the people that they, too, they rejoice in you and your all-encompassing love for them.

Father may they invoke a blessing on your people this morning and speak a clear warning to those who are choosing to turn from your love and your righteousness and holy ways.  May they proclaim the fullness of your word without being men pleasers.  May they also point your people to the destiny you have for all who seek and follow you.  May they not simply speak of overcoming our daily struggles but speak of the glory to come!

I bring this prayer for these pastors before you in the name of Jesus.  So be it.

Prayer for Pastors, week of August, 14, 2017

I magnify your name, Lord God Almighty, Creator of all things, Redeemer of all who cry out to you through our Savior, your son Jesus Christ, and sustainer of all your children.  Fill all believing pastors with your Spirit this morning so that they proclaim the inexhaustible trues and treasures which are in our Lord Jesus with joy and power.

Give them fruit for their labors for you today, fruit they can see and hear.  Protect them from all the plots of the devil and his demons and lead them to walk in safety and victory through the minefields of the evil one.  And may they put their heads on their pillows at the end of the day tired but filled with peace and joy at what you have done in and through and with and for them.

Give them victory over all discouragement and depression through the night, and may they awake refreshed and peaceful, aware that you are still with them.  For your glory, Amen.

Prayer for Pastors, week of August 7, 2017

Father in heaven, I come to you on behalf of all the believing pastors in this region in which I live.  Draw them near to yourself that they may know your presence with them.  The worship of modern idols is so subtle and prevalent, keep them from falling into such by opening their eyes and giving them clear understanding of these things.  May they not ignorantly promote any modern idol and may they not preach and teach falsehood in any form.

Enable them to stand strong in, with and for the truth, and declare with power and passion your redeeming and sanctifying love.  May they proclaim you as holy, holy, holy and as the God of mercy, grace and forgiveness.  May your word in utter clarity fill their minds and your Spirit fill their souls and motivate their wills so that you are truly exalted above all else.

May they grow today in grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus and in a responding love to you and for you, and may they be filled with a passion and a hunger for you.  Keep them in all their ways and may they put their heads on their pillows tonight contended that they have faithfully served you.  I ask this in Jesus name.  So be it!

Prayer for Pastors, week of July 31, 2017

Father in heaven, I praise you that you are the source of grace and peace which overwhelms and fills us.  I pray that pastors would experience these early this morning and this would set their hearts to singing and worshiping you and our Lord Jesus Christ.  You have begun the good work of redemption in them and called them into your glorious service, the likes of which there is no other.  You are also continuing this good work in them, and you will bring it to a flourishing finish when they step down and another takes their place.  Fill them with your power through your magnificent and irresistible strength unto all patience and endurance with joy so that they see the fruits of their labors and bless your holy name.

I pray that their love will flourish and that they will love well with your Holy Spirit ever giving them that love.  Keep them from mere sentimental love.  Lead them to love like our Lord Jesus loves us and to speak the truth in love and boldness.  Empower their preaching so that those who hear them can’t simply brush it off, but instead soak it up as the very words of Christ to them.  Make them to be to the people like a shepherd caring for a flock, and like lightning and thunder to those who play lightly with the gospel as though it were just a comfortable extra to life in this world.

Take them home at the end of their ministry with the confidence that they have done well and been all you called them to be and do.  May they praise and thank you for the great privilege of serving you today.  Yes!  And Amen!

Prayer for Pastors, week of July 24, 2017

Father in heaven, glorious and majestic, holy in your being and righteous in all you do, loving and faithful, always present and always enabling your children.  I lift to you your pastors this morning as they begin another day of serving you and proclaiming the gospel of your Son Jesus Christ.  Fill them with the hope of the gospel in all its fullness, renew their vision for the church and the kingdom, protect them from Satan, the evil one, and give them a deep, deep love for their people and a compassion for the lost in their communities that will draw them out to reach those outside the body of Christ.

Give them the fruit of people being saved and following Jesus far beyond anything they have seen in the past 12 months.  May you make the months ahead a time of successful evangelism in and beyond their community, and may pastors in their area draw closer to each other as they have never done before.  Keep them in pastoral ministry and rejoicing in the privilege you’ve given them to be shepherds of your people, both the saved and to be saved.  Hallelujah!  Amen

Prayer for Pastors, week of July 17, 2017

Our Father in heaven, what a joy and comfort to pray to you for you respond to me letting me know you are close to me and receiving my prayer.  I don’t pray for myself this morning, but for your pastors, that they, too, may know and be refreshed and empowered with the boldness and love that comes from being close to you and you to them.

May they bear much fruit for you today by all they do, say and are.  May the minister the word in all its richness and fullness, and may they see the results of such ministry before their very eyes.  May their hearers not be so dull of mind and spirit that they give no joyful response.  That would take the heart out of these pastors.  Fill them with the conviction that your kingdom is advancing through them and strengthen them by your Spirit to be indomitable and undefeatable.  May they see that the hardships and difficulties they face are but your work in them pruning so that they will bear even more fruit!  May they preach Christ, only Christ, and the fullness of Christ.  May Christ be their focus and their love today and always.  May they not be misled into preaching anything less.  I ask you this in the name of your Son and our Savior Jesus.  Amen!

Prayer for Pastors, week of July 10, 2017

Our Father in heaven, how comforting and encouraging and refreshing it is to call you our Father, for you are our Father and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and through him the Father of our salvation.  What an opportunity pastors have to declare afresh the wonders and riches and greatness of your love in sending Christ to us, and to reflect on the mysteries wrapped in this so great a gift.

Fill them with boldness, give them clear minds and passion-filled spirits to declare Christ and the mysteries of your love for us in Christ without fear of any man or compromise for the sake of peace or to placate any person or group within their congregation.  May they lift Christ up in all the glory and splendor which is his, and may they make clear to us that it was our sin and God’s love which led to Christ being our great Savior.  May Christ be exalted today as King of all, Lord overall, Almighty God the Son and worthy of our praise and worship.  May the story of your love for us be told today with passion in the power of the Holy Spirit to your glory and honor.  Be exalted O God of our salvation, be exalted in churches everywhere today.  In the name of our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus, Amen.