Prayer for Pastors, week of June 26, 2017

Father in heaven, strong God and majestic Sovereign over all people and things, hear my prayer this morning as I come to you on behalf of those whom you’ve chosen to be your witnesses to the redeeming life of Jesus Christ your Son our Savior.  Enable them to bear clear and persuasive witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ and its consequences for all who believe.  May they not neglect this core truth, the foundation on which your church rests, but may they put it forth as the cause and reason for all we are and have and do.

May they never be ashamed of clearly proclaiming it and the very name of Jesus as the only name by which salvation and life eternal comes.  May they see and proclaim this as your plan from the beginning, and give them fearless courage and confidence, yes great confidence in proclaiming this message.  May their congregations become and be united as one in all they believe and do, and so bear witness to your love for the world in Christ.

Keep them strong in the presence of their enemies, and joyful in the presence of all your redeemed children, being patient toward all and a loving demonstration of the gospel and your love.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer for Pastors, week of June 19, 2017

Glorious, Majestic, Almighty, Sovereign, Unshakable God our Father, Jesus Christ our Savior and blessed Holy Spirit our wisdom and power, I pray for all believing pastors in my community that they this morning may not simply be spectators of what they read in and preach on from your word, but participants in the fullest way possible.  Draw them into your story afresh this morning that they may be inspired and empowered as fully as were the apostles when the fullness of who you were and what you did hit them and they went everywhere proclaiming the gospel and working wonders and miracles by the Holy Spirit.

May our pastors be as bold, unafraid and determined as were the apostles and preachers in the early church, and all those who have served you to the point of shedding their blood for you.  May they know afresh today the empowering of your Spirit for ministry and service, and may they build their ministry of teaching and preaching on the Scripture and Christ and nothing else!

God forbid that any of them come to a place where they deny our Lord Jesus as Peter once did, or become a Judas and actually betray Jesus in the presence of others.  May they endure faithful to the end!  Amen.

Prayer for Pastors, week of June 12, 2017

Almighty God, Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ through whom you created all things, through whom you have redeemed all whom you have chosen, none of whom was worthy of the least of your favor, and through whom you lead, bless and empower for the high and holy work of proclaiming the gospel of Christ, reveal yourself this morning to each believing pastor in my community in love, power and sovereignty.

Strengthen each one by your Spirit that they may go forth today to serve you with a strong and steady step, invading dungeons of sin and darkness with the light of Christ himself, illuminating the way of the followers of Christ so such are taught and encouraged as they seek you and your way for them.  Enable them by your Spirit to bring true and lasting encouragement to your children resulting in joy and rejoicing in you today.  May they, pastor and people, go out renewed in mind and spirit walking in the Spirit, ready for whatever comes to them and looking to you at all times.

May your pastors finish the day knowing it is always worth serving you, exalting you, and shepherding your people.  In their lives be glorified now and forever!  In Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer for Pastors, week of June 5, 2017

Oh grace-filled God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, whom you sent as the living message of your love for us and your sacrifice for our sins and lost condition, and the means of your grace being effective in our lives, your amazing, amazing grace through which in Christ we are forgiven, cleansed, given new life in him and set free from Satan and his power to control and lead us into rebellion against you.  I praise and adore you and come before you this morning on behalf of the believing pastors in my community.

Grant them this morning to grasp afresh the utter wonder and reality of your grace in Christ for themselves and for all whom you call to yourself.  Give them the ability through your Spirit to articulate with great clarity your grace, which they can never do on their own because your Holy Spirit knows the fullness of your amazing grace to its depths in a way we don’t and won’t here below.  May their speaking and teaching today be given them by your Spirit so they do you justice as they proclaim you and Jesus Christ our Lord in their ministry today.

Be glorified, be glorified, be glorified in them today.  In Jesus name, Amen!

Prayer for Pastors, week of May 29, 2017

Father in heaven, I want to pray your heart for your servant-leaders and shepherds, believing pastors this morning.  So work in them that they will hold their heads up high looking to you without fear, shame, depression or doubt.  Hear and accept their voices of praise, Thanksgiving and earnestness to worship you and serve you today.  Seize them afresh with the reality that they are actually serving you Father, the Almighty God.  Stir and lift their hearts and minds with racehorse eagerness to burst out of the gate and lift your name high before those you have put before them.  Let them not be embarrassed before those to whom they speak be, but with love and conviction may they be like an angel before their congregation.  So speak through them that any doubt in the minds of people about the relevancy and power of the gospel today is dispelled and the place is filled with your presence, Father.

Lead them down the path of truth, both for themselves and their hearers.  May they in their life and ministry be like an arrow aimed at your bull’s-eye.  Oh yes!  May they be both God-servers and God worshipers today, and set them free from all inner struggles of whatever kind so they may have their eyes clearly and precisely focused on the target you’ve set before them for today.

One last thing, give them fruit for their labors that they may taste as joy in their hearts.  In their lives be glorified today.  Amen and amen.

Prayer for Pastors, week of May 22, 2017


Almighty God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord, may you be truly and greatly glorified through the lives of your servants and children, the believing pastors in my community.  Help them to genuinely love their congregations and not be judgmental and critical of them.  May they treat them with tender hearts and great patience, and with love teach them, encourage them, correct them, lead them, and be a model of love in all its facets before them.  May their lives and ministries be marked by love more than anything else!

Father, may they each experience your grace, mercy and peace with them today.  May they realize these things come to them from you because you are present with them, that they can only know these because you are intimately present with them, and may they embrace you with their spirits and minds like a child would put its arms around his/her father’s neck and hug him.  So may they shepherd your people today in the joy of your presence, the love of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.  May you be glorified in them and in the church today!  Amen and amen.

Prayer for Pastors, week of March 14, 2017

Dear blessed Father in heaven, as I bring my pastor, and other pastors I know, before you by name this morning I ask you to give them each a personal blessing from you that will be so clear that they will know it’s you and nothing else.  Holy Spirit, rise up within them and guide their minds and stir their spirits so they are filled with eagerness to speak and teach Christ as fully as they can.  Keep them from the attacks and harassments of the evil one so that they are unhindered in the service you’ve called them too, and may they know afresh that they have indeed been called to their ministry by you.

May they grasp and exalt in the presence of your kingdom, and that they are part of something much, much greater than just their congregation.  May they be channels of truth, joy, encouragement, conviction, and assurance to those they serve today.  And may you receive glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving from them and from all your people!  Amen and amen.